Stephen W. Frank Post 269



In 1937, twenty three former servicemen gathered to form an American Legion Post in Haslett Michigan.  James Flood, Lester Steffy, Floyd Rush, Lee Barber, Charles Warren, Homer Newark, George Beck, Phillip Fishburn, Robert R. Robinson Sr., Leon Grennell, Glenn E. Canfield, Roy O. Webb M.D., Edgar E. Morgan, Mark E. Twist, David E. Gallup, Lewis Flood, Russell M. Smith, Arista F. Parrish, Chester Arbaugh, Dwight M. Nevell, Ray Scott, Lewis G. Laycock and Julius F. Chamberlain signed the membership roll.

On 23 October 1937, the charter was granted to Post 269, named the ‘Chief Okemos Post’, in Haslett, Michigan by the American Legion.  The first Commander was Edgar Morgan.  Five more of the original members went on to become Commanders in later years.

The post took up residence in the former ‘Babbitt Store’ on Haslett Road where it resides to this day.

In 2005, Post #269 was renamed the ‘Captain Steven W. Frank Post’ in honor of Captain Frank, a Haslett High School graduate who died in Iraq on April 29, 2005.





1936-37                Edgar Morgan                                    1st Post Commander

1937-38                James Flood                                       Charter Member

1938-39                Lee Barber                                          Charter Member

1939-40                Homer Newark                                 Charter Member

1940-41                Bert Corey

Glenn Canfield                                  Charter Member

1941-42                Glenn Canfield                                  Charter Member

1942-43                Robert Robinson Sr.                        Charter Member

1943-44                Lee Barber                                          Charter Member

1944-45                Joe Cain

                                George Smith

1945-46                George Smith

1946-47                Percy De Breuil

1947-48                Sam McVey

1948-49                D. A. King

1949-50                Howard Martin

                                Ray Schafer

1950-51                Russell Bidwell

1951-52                Virgil Fisher

1952-53                Howard Baldwin

1953-54                Bill Ferris

1954-55                James Flood

1955-56                William Sherburne

1956-57                Richard Williams

1957-58                Richard Williams

1958-59                Everett Sherman

1959-60                Everett Sherman

1960-61                Warren Alexander

1961-62            Dean Hull

1962-63            Bill Ferris 

1963-64            Bill Chauncey

1964-65            Richard Williams

1965-66            Henry Mier

1966-67            Frank Fenska

1967-68            R.G. Remus

1968-69            Jack Joy

1969-70            Duane Kroetsch - Finished by Jack Joy.

1970-71            Allen Webb

1971-72            Robert Storm

1972-73            Robert Storm

1973-74            Richard Huckins

1974-75            Duane Page 




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